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Never before has the need for security been so great. Being connected to millions of users in Cyberspace has its conveniences, but it also has numerous security dangers. No longer can one or two security programs adequately protect users against the increasing number of security threats. The eXtendia Guardian Security Suite, with its large and diverse set of security applications, gives you the total security defense you need.

The Ultimate Protection NOW!

Guardian Spam Eliminator uses a unique and dynamic filtering technology to identify email messages as spam.

In addition to personalized black lists (i.e., email addresses and servers that you associate with spam), the Guardian Spam Eliminator uses a centralized Online Database, that collects information about email servers reported to be promoting or enabling spam.

After installing the program, you should specify a safe senders list (i.e., white list).

This will authorize their emails to be delivered to your inbox.

Over time you will need to update your personalized white and black lists to ensure correct operation.