The largest and most comprehensive set of security programs for any home or business...

Never before has the need for security been so great. Being connected to millions of users in Cyberspace has its conveniences, but it also has numerous security dangers. No longer can one or two security programs adequately protect users against the increasing number of security threats. The eXtendia Guardian Security Suite, with its large and diverse set of security applications, gives you the total security defense you need.

The Ultimate Protection NOW!

The eXtendia AntiSpy:

  • Protects your PC from adware and spyware invasion with this brand new software.
  • Automatically identifies and removes adware and spyware programs without disrupting your work.
  • Protects against adware, spyware, keyloggers, web-browser add-ons, home-page hijackers, browser hijackers, dialers, remoter administrators, ActiveX code, JavaTM applets & more!
  • Performs daily automatic updates for one full year to protect against the latest adware and spyware.

Tired of Adware and Spyware invading your computer, spying on you and secretly sending information from your computer to 3rd parties and bring ads to your computer and hijacking your internet browser etc.?

Don't let Adware and Spyware make you a nervous wreck! Other anti-Spyware packages may even load spyware or adware into your computer, the very adware/spyware they claim to wipe out, but Guardian AntiSpy eliminates all known adware/spyware and prevents new spyware and adware from being loaded into your hard drive.

Now you can relax knowing your machine is protected from sneaky junk programs.