The largest and most comprehensive set of security programs for any home or business...

Never before has the need for security been so great. Being connected to millions of users in Cyberspace has its conveniences, but it also has numerous security dangers. No longer can one or two security programs adequately protect users against the increasing number of security threats. The eXtendia Guardian Security Suite, with its large and diverse set of security applications, gives you the total security defense you need.

The Ultimate Protection NOW!

eXtendia AntiVirus is the most up-to-date software technology currently available on the market for combating viruses. Maximize your system protection against new viruses before they have a chance to infect your system.

Business & Management Advantages

  • Automatically removes viruses without interrupting your work.
  • Scans and cleans incoming email.
  • Automatically performs DAILY virus identification updates, where others offer only weekly or monthly updates; this keeps your computer protected against new viruses before they even have a chance to infect your system.
  • Protects against viruses, Trojan horses, and malicious ActiveX® code and Java™ applets.
  • Protects against macro viruses constructed with Microsoft Office 2000, the most common viral deployment engine.
  • And much more...

eXtendia Security and Norman (one of the most highly regarded Antivirus engine software companies in the world) have teamed up to provide a best-of-breed Antivirus solution.

The Norman-powered AntiVirus in the Guardian Security Suite offers one of the most powerful antivirus programs available today. Compared with other antivirus programs, this eXtendia Antivirus program uses fewer resources from your PC during operation, is one of the fastest antivirus engines available today, and contains newest antivirus signatures and antidotes. As viruses are discovered, these critical components are, in most cases, made available within minutes of the outbreak, not hours or days. Once the program is installed on your PC, it automatically connects to the servers and antivirus databases and receives updates as often as needed.

eXtendia AntiVirus monitors your PC for malicious software, also referred to as malware. For the sake of simplicity, we often use the term virus as a collective description of unwanted code. The most common types of malware are viruses, worms and Trojans. eXtendia AntiVirus can detect and remove known and unknown viruses from hard disks, floppy disks, email attachments, Instant Messenger, and electronic files. eXtendia AntiVirus checks files when they are accessed, and possible viruses are removed automatically. If eXtendia AntiVirus is unable to clean an infected file, you will receive a warning, along with instructions on how to proceed. You can — and we encourage you to do so — perform manual scans of selected areas of your PC, and use the task editor and scheduler to define what to scan and when.