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Never before has the need for security been so great. Being connected to millions of users in Cyberspace has its conveniences, but it also has numerous security dangers. No longer can one or two security programs adequately protect users against the increasing number of security threats. The eXtendia Guardian Security Suite, with its large and diverse set of security applications, gives you the total security defense you need.

The Ultimate Protection NOW!

Storage media may fail causing you great damage if you are unprepared. Your operating system may be struck by a virus or may be damaged by some unexpected action thereby making all your digital documents inaccessible.

With Guardian Data Backup, you can create a compressed file copy of your data and save it on a storage media of your choice.

In the event that the original data on your hard disk is accidentally erased, overwritten, or made corrupt or inaccessible, you can easily restore the data from your back up copy.

The program allows you to establish routines for backing up your data. These tasks can be automatically performed on a schedule.

When backing up a folder, you can specify files or options to detect changed files. This speeds up the backup since only relevant files are backed up.