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Never before has the need for security been so great. Being connected to millions of users in Cyberspace has its conveniences, but it also has numerous security dangers. No longer can one or two security programs adequately protect users against the increasing number of security threats. The eXtendia Guardian Security Suite, with its large and diverse set of security applications, gives you the total security defense you need.

The Ultimate Protection NOW!

Data Encryptor provides complete encryption and security solutions for files, emails, and any documents you want to send over the net. If your files are stolen while "en route," they still will remain inaccessible to thieves and eavesdroppers.

The Data Encryptor & Protector encrypts and then decrypts all kinds of files on PC drives. Files can be archived in their encrypted forms or transmitted to others. While encrypting the file you can specify who can decrypt it. If there is someone else who uses another copy of Guardian Data Encryptor & Protector you may encrypt a file just for that person. To do this use his or her public key making sure only that person's specified public keys can decrypt the files. In addition to supporting a number of encryption standards, the program supports digital signatures as a means of authenticating the validity of any file before, during, or after transmitting it to others.

The Data Encryptor & Protector enables you to digitally sign documents, or review files from others and confirm their digital signatures. If a file is digitally signed, that means it IS NOT ALTERED after the user has signed it.